Other Professionals Talk About the Family Dynamics Mobile   “I have used Stan Rowett's Family Dynamics Mobile as a very effective teaching tool for over 15 years,  and I have found that there is no better way to illustrate the addicted family system.  Stan's new DVD really enhances the mobile itself, and it can be used very effectively on its own.  Used either way, the DVD is another great teaching aid, demonstrating how the chemical dependency of one family member affects the whole family.” – Gordon Coburn, MFT Chair, Alcohol & Drug Counseling Dept. Santa Barbara City College “It is very helpful for people literally to witness with their own eyes what happens when one member of a system upsets the balance.” – Julie D. Bowden, M.S., M.F.C.C. Co-author, Recovery: A Guide for Adult Children of Alcoholics (Santa Barbara, CA) “...a terrific tool that kids relate to immediately, short-cutting lengthy explanations and allowing students to express their concerns.” – Jeanne Surber, M.S. School Psychologist, Santa Barbara School District “People visually see [in the mobile] how things get out of whack in families. People also need... a sense of how to visualize hopefulness, and the family mobile conveys this when it is restored to its balanced state.” – Claudia Thorn, MS Prevention Specialist Sacramento, CA “One of the most vivid teaching tools I have ever used in my 27 years as an educator.” – Dan Marker, Ph.D Vice President, Behavioral Health Institute A Chance to Change Foundation (Oklahoma City, OK)
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