The Family Dynamics Mobile has been used successfully in student assistance programs and classrooms throughout the United States, as well as in alcohol treatment centers, inpatient and outpatient programs, private practices, and professional educators’ seminars. It comes with assembly instructions and a complete step-by-step outline of the phases that the chemically dependent family experiences, from addiction through treatment. Definitions of various survival behaviors are also included. The mobile comes with an illustrated, complete assembly instruction manual. Pieces are color coded for easy assembly. You will also receive "How to use" instructions to assist you in your sessions. Each piece is described in detail so you will be able to  communicate with your clients more effectively as you show them the mobile and how it relates to their family situation. * The roles described on this website, in our manuals and on our DVD are based on the book, “Another Chance - Hope and Help for the Alcoholic Family” by Sharon Wegschieder-Cruise, and her film, “The Family Trap.”
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The mobile is 30" wide and 18" tall. 
The mobile is constructed from sturdy acrylic plastic and uses strong, lightweight wire to attach the cutouts to aluminum rods.
Every component is built to last and is color coded for easy assembly.
Pieces are easy to attach and remove, yet are held secure by the unique clip design.
Mobile Specs
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Providing tools for professionals who deal with chemical addictions